You may call JD Sutphin at 540.793.3354 or email to walk you thru the process:

To sign up your team follow this link:  – create a team either using your Facebook or email – there create your profile and select Big Lick Train Tug/Presbyterian Community Center as your sole non-profit beneficiary and name your team accordingly.

Here’s a setup your team cheat sheet if needed!  train tug team set up

It’s best to have ONE person manage your online team and collect your donations accordingly to hit your goals.

You can also donate directly to PCC here:

The Competition will have THREE categories.

1st Category “Steam Team”: 12 people – $1,000.00 – team must raise minimum of $1,000.00. ONLY $83 TO BE RAISED PER TEAM MEMBER 🙂

2nd category “Steam Team Pro”: 6 people – $500.00 – must raise minimum of $500.

3rd category “611 SOLO Pro”: 1 person – $250.00 – must raise minimum of $250.

You do not need to have all your team members confirmed to sign up, however they do need to be confirmed prior to the event.  Teams will designate a Team Captain to sign up. We will also have a competition on teams that go above and beyond their fundraising efforts!  Remember, you must raise your team minimum prior to the event to compete.  You do not have to have the required amount when signing up.

All team members must sign official waivers on site in order to compete.  Waiver can be found here:  2018 Train Tug WAIVER

Each team receives 2 pulls, your best pull is your placement.

We will have great trophies for placing teams!  All team members will receive official t-shirt and beverages (adult included!).

Member of each 1st place team gets to pull the whistle!

The competition will be for best time for pulling to a specified measured distance.

To benefit PCC!

All participants must have a completed waiver before competing.

Any questions?  Email us or call 540.793.3354.  Thank you!